Stretchy Strings 12 Pieces Sensory Toys Monkey Noodles

Stretchy Strings 12 Pieces Sensory Toys Monkey Noodles



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  1. Colorful and Fun
    - These stretch string toys can be pulled, twisted and squeezed, but will return to their original size and shape soon 

  2. Sensory Toy
    - These stress relief noodles toys are great for kids and adults, especially those with ADD, autism or anxiety, which can reduce stress and anxiety

  3. Creative Toy
    - These stretchy strings can also be used as a learning tool, which can create patterns, shapes, letters and numbers to develop kid's creativity and imagination

  4. Safe and Durable
    - Made of TPR material, durable, non-toxic, BPA-free and safe for use. Suitable for children over 12 years old
    - Stretchy String (Length): 29 cm/ 9 inches 
  • Package includes:
    - Stretchy Strings Toy x 12
    (6 colors, 2 pieces in each color; Other accessories are not included)
These Stretchy Strings 12 Pieces  Sensory Toys for Stress Relief can be easily pulled, twisted and squeezed, which can create endless fun for your and kids.

Customer Reviews

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Wade Forsyth
Not just for sensory kids - even my 12 year old loves them!!

I bought these toys for my 3year old who is on the spectrum. We were trying to find ways to up his sensory diet. I figured these would be like every other toy we have bought him to date: he plays with them for anywhere from 1 hour to 2-3 days and then never touches it again. I took these out of the package and not only did HE go nuts about them, but so did my 5 other kiddos (ages 1 - 12)! We are 1 week in and so far, NONE of them have tired of playing with them. My ASD little one carries them with him everywhere he goes! They work wonders for helping him work out his extra energetic while also giving him the sensory input he so desperately needs! I never thought I would honestly be emotional writing a review about a thing called Monkey Noodles but I seriously love these things! And a bonus - Fast shipping!!! I got them in a week.